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Here you can read a little about Aaron and Maria Uriarte and subsequent generation.

The family (2015) consists of 8 children, 23 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren. See more under the family tree.

The family has its origin from the island of Mindanao and is from Union in Madrid (Surigao del Sur).

Here they had a small farm a walking distance to Union Beach. At the farm is grown rice.

Today six of the children live in Lipa City (Batangas), one in Makati (Metro Manila) and the Son Nicanor lives with his wife Mariafe on the farm in Union.

23 grandchildren with Randy Uriarte (born 1976) as the oldest and Alia Tan (born 2007) as the youngest living virtually all in the Philippines; but one is working in Dubai. Jackielyn Nissen is married to a Dane.

The oldest great-grandchildren are Mary Angelika Uriarte and Kyla Erika Abaquita both born in 2000.

When the family gets together is one of the most popular activity -
a picture of the four sisters. Here is picture with men too.

Are you one of those people who are in the family tree, you can get a free email address such as YourName@uriarte.ph.

Do you want a page about yourself, I will make one for you, and it is also free. Andres

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