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Bingo is one of the most famous games in the world and many Filipinos love this game.

The game is also a good way to use an hour or two on parties.

The gain may simply be that for every round going 1 peso per card in a bowl, and the winner will receive the amount in the bowl. Is there more winners then they just share the money. In this way, paying guests themselves for their entertainment at an affordable amount.

The Grand Prize may be one or more gains as the host provides!

 Click here to download 60 free bingo cards for home use. This short be enough for 15-20 players.

 Clicking here you will find recipes on how to make your card stable and / or how to secure them.

 Click here to download a free template to make cardboard pieces by.

 Clicking here you can see suggestions for what can be used as pieces.

Generally, they use a bag of numbers or a drum to pull numbers; but for home use is an APP for smartphone an amazing thing. Should many be shouting up, then use an additional speaker (for eksembel via bluetooth).

A great APP for Android:  Bingo Number Generator

Greats APPs to iPhone:  iBingo Caller

A great APP for Windows:  APPA Bingo Caller (without sound)

Are you for the advanced you can use a Lightning to HDMI cable for Apple.


Updated the 25.1.2018